We are an emerging Design Firm specializing in brand development, T-Shirt design, & web design.

We encourage you to ask: What makes a strong brand?

We believe it is the combination of excellent design and the knowledge of precisely what you need to know about your business & brand. This includes 6 main principles: the promise of your brand, it’s perception in the marketplace, the values that guide decision making within your company, the voice of your brand, its positioning in the minds of your customers, & your target audience.

There are 5 core values we strive to emulate and improve in every design and decision we make: Knowledge, Love, Health, Nature & Wealth. By incorporating these values into our design philosophy, we feel enabled to create powerful designs that exceed our customers expectations, while also encouraging hope & positivity in our world.

Rates and Packages

Hourly Rate – $75

For all design related work, including but not limited to: concept sketches, drafting of designs, selecting fonts, meeting with clients, any needed revisions, web-related design & upkeep, as well as finished projects.

Brand Toolkit – $500

A fresh and innovative approach to branding or re-branding your company! Instead of an hourly rate, you will pay a set fee for this toolkit. All files will be included in editable form for any future changes or redesign.

This toolkit will include: Logo design, business cards, letterhead, tagline, mission statement, & brand values.